Now Be A Dad


Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a Dad.

Research shows that children with an involved father are more successful in life.  We’re here to help those fathers who want to become a true dad by being a more involved parent or co-parent.

  • More father involvement has a positive effect on a child’s behavior.
  • Father involvement in schools is associated with a higher likelihood of a student getting good grades and going further in school.
  • Children who have fathers who engage them in physical play are more likely to be socially popular with their peers.

But you know all this, right?  YPN provides the tools and support to help you be the best father you can. Join us in our dads group where we cover topics that are of interest to dads.

Weekly  Dads Group

YPN’s FREE weekly “Dads Group” is for fathers with one or more children from birth to kindergarten age.   A meal is served and childcare or transportation is available if needed. Quarterly father-child activity events are also offered.

What should families expect from the YPN fatherhood program?

  • Weekly group meetings
  • Transportation to and from group, if needed
  • On-site childcare
  • Meal at each group
  • All services at no cost to you

Support Resources for Dads

Eastern Iowa Alliance for Fatherhood and Children – YPN provides leadership to the Eastern Iowa Alliance for Fatherhood and Children, a collaborative of community agencies that recognize the impact on children when their father is absent.

The Alliance works to increase awareness of the absentee father problem, to reach out to current absentee fathers, and enhance services to those fathers. The alliance holds meetings every other month and sponsors fatherhood events 3-4 times a year.

A father’s involvement in a child’s life has a strong impact, and when they take on the role of a Dad, their influence has even greater impact. The Young Parents Network’s Fatherhood Program’s messaging primarily targets young dads and absentee fathers. Our goal is to empower fathers to take on the mantle of being a “Dad” and staying actively involved in their child’s life whether they live in the same home or separately.

How do we get the message out?

The Young Parents Network offers support to community agencies that are interested in enhancing their services to fathers. Having received technical assistance from the National Fatherhood Initiative as part of a capacity building grant, YPN has resources to offer community partners:

  • Father friendly agency check-up
  • Training support for staff
  • Fatherhood resources for client families

Ready to join us?

For more information on resources and programming, please contact Steve Nylin
Email Steve, call 319.364.8909, or fill out this form and he will contact you.