Sister Mary Lawrence Community Center - YPN's Current Home.

Our History

Young Parents Network was founded in 1985 by community leaders who recognized that there was a lack of support for young families in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. With the support of Mercy Medical Center, a group serving young moms was formed and had about 34 young women participate in the first year. Services evolved to add a separate group for young dads with the support of the Hall Perrine Foundation in 1988.

Since that time Young Parents Network has taken on the a leadership role in East Central Iowa as the provider of ongoing comprehensive year round programs that allow the families to be involved until their child enters kindergarten. Due to the extensive collaborative relationships that have been formed in the community, YPN is often the first point of contact for families who are in need of additional support.

Community Services for Families and Youth

Young Parents Network programs focus on a range of areas that meet the most critical needs in our East Central Iowa community that nurture parents and children to support healthy family dynamics and positive futures.

We are Support Focused

Supporting community young people – we provide the services that give children and youth the opportunity to succeed to their full potential.
Supporting healthy families – each family member and family unit receives access to services that support self-sufficiency and healthy living.

YPN Timeline

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